Impressions of Chris Haile’s Art

There are many and varied ways to describe Chris’s art. There is a depth and breadth of mediums, styles, techniques and content that defies a singular description.  Here Are some ways that others see Chris and his work:

…The supernatural quality of Haile’s work recalls the 19th century Romantic movement representing a unique synthesis of mythology and folklore.

…Haile’s portraits and landscapes blend myth, folklore and eternal longings of the soul….masterful works that evidence great sensitivity and skill.

…alive with a poignancy that reaches across cultures and centuries and sensibilities.

…How much like Giacometti Chris’s way of seeing was. The tenuous line, the whole of a unique posture caught in a squiggle.

…His work could be bawdy and Somber and mysterious. It broke all the rules; How you make it, who you offer it to and on what terms.

…He was comfortable in many mediums, from sculpting to paint, to print and film. He created art wherever he was.

…His sculptures, paintings, prints and assemblages explore the relationships between native people, natural elements, and life forces, distilled to the most basic and spiritual essentials.

…To see his artwork, to really look into it, reveals… All that is kind and good and sane in life because that is the way Chris saw everything.

…Chris Haile was an artist whose adventurous nature and indomitable spirit imbued his every piece.

…Portraits of imaginary faces that are multicultural in scope and medieval in style to ethereal still lines and Pastoral landscapes evocative of the Renaissance and cosmic in theme.

…Chris made art that was timeless and universal. He carved faces, made prints and assembled private spaces into mini-museums wherever he went.

…Sometimes things happen when and where you least expect and restore your faith in the miracle of surprise …(he) works out of a spiritual force and imaginative drive.

…Who but Chris could cajole the Curator of Prints at the NY Public Library into making his first print as a pre-requisite for purchasing one of Chris’s own? (for the permanent collection).

…I am moved by the subconscious and ethereal sensibility of it all.

…Seeing it all together like this feels like I have floated into another world.