Chris Haile Creates Art Posters for Poetry Readings in 1975


A friend of Chris’s, Kathy Engel, organized a number of poetry readings in 1975.Kathy Engel

Kathy asked Chris if he would make posters for each event. Instead of making multiple copies of a single poster for each reading he lovingly made hundreds of original individual paintings and prints!  In addition to advertising the readings the posters were offered for sale for $20 (more or less).  Many still grace the walls of homes in the Hamptons, New York City and elsewhere.

The posters in the albums on this page are the remainder of the many works created.  All of the posters are on fine art paper and are 15″ x 23″. The type was set by artist and bookmaker Richard Minsky.

Richard MinskyThere were three separate readings;

One by Truman Capote and Peter Matthiesson at the  East Hampton Middle School to benefit the Amagansett Marine Museum

       Peter Mattheissen2         Truman Capote 3

One by poets Cynthia McDonald and Richard Howard at the well known Elaine Benson Gallery in Bridgehampton

                Cynthia McDonald                    Richard Howard

One by poets Jane Cooper, David Ignatow and Allen Planz at the Marine Museum. 

   Jane Cooper2      David Ignatow     Allen Planz