Chris Makes Miniature Wood Block Print Collection

Small woodblock collection photo

This is an exhibit of a portfolio of small exquisite early work found in an envelope with 17 of the original 24 monotypes, an ink on paper card and one intaglio print. Four more were found later For a total of 21 of the original artworks. The prints are all less than 3″ in height (the size of a business card). 

The prints were in a handmade self addressed envelope (an old LP record jacket) apparently intended to get the prints back from someone if they were not interested in acquiring or showing them.

This collection exhibits Chris’ early penchants for printmaking and recycling. Chris was 29 when he created these in 1977.

I came across this treasure when Roger and I were framing 120 works for two exhibits in 2008. The collection of miniature prints was appealing enough to pause in the midst of that and custom frame and mat the entire collection as you see it here – a ready to go art show.

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