Welcome to the Haile Art Foundation

The Haile Art Foundation was created to bring the Art of the Haile family to the public’s attention. Most notably the art of Chris Haile (1947-1998) and the art of his Mother Lucia Haile (1919-2007).   It is the intention of this foundation that these art legacies be preserved and enjoyed for generations.  A loftier goal is that the foundation grow to support the arts and artists and art institutions in their endeavors.  It is also envisioned that the foundation will continue to enhance itself, artists and the arts for generations to come.

This website is a focal point for bringing people, resources, plans, programs, collaboration, information, artists and other people and organizations together for these purposes.

This extensive body of works and historical artifacts of Chris and Lucia Haile’s life and work are housed in the Haile Museum and Gallery in the Family home in historic Sag Harbor, NY.

You may visit by appointment to view both museum pieces or selected works that are offered for sale.

Duncan Haile, March 2013

You can view catalogs and albums of Chris Haile’s art and Lucia Haile’s art at  GOOGLE PHOTO WEB ALBUMS